Art-chitecture Walk in Kampong Glam

See architecture through the lens of art
A fringe event of Archifest 2014
"Thanks so much for last night's fantastic urban art talk, we found it very inspiring." Team member of Affordable Art Fair Singapore

The Art-chitecture Walk in Kampong Glam invites you to explore your city as part of a cosy group. Rediscover Kampong Glam, a neighbourhood steeped in heritage and the arts. Soak in the sights from art deco buildings to lovingly conserved shophouses. Chat about Singapore's past and future. Round off the walk with a craft coffee or pot of tea (included in the ticket price) at a neighbourhood cafe.

This walk is also available on 28th September, Sunday at 10am. All past 9 sessions of our walks were sold-out, so please book early.

An intimate, casual and approachable experience:
  • You don't need to have any prior understanding of art or architecture.
  • We start our walk with a friendly group introduction.
  • The group size is limited to 12, to ensure quality interaction.
  • You can buy at most 2 tickets in each transaction.
  • We end at a cafe on Aliwal Street, where you can enjoy a cappuccino or a pot of Oolong tea (included in the ticket price) with your new-found friends. You're then free to leave at your leisure.
Walk leader | Walking route:
  • This walk is not led an architect, but an enthusiast of architecture. Read more in an interview by I-S magazine.
  • The key buildings covered include: Malabar Mosque, The Sultan Hotel and Aliwal Arts Centre.
  • The walk takes place outdoors and there is limited shelter between buildings, so be sure to bring an umbrella, sunblock, sunglasses and a hat because you never know when you might need them.
Why is the Malabar mosque blue? How does art inspired by that mosque enhance our appreciation of its architecture? What stories do street art in Kampong Glam tell about shophouse architecture? Are all buildings immediately considered 'architecture', or do they have to be works of 'art' first?

HOW TO FIND US? Meet in front of the Guardian store within Bugis MRT. I'll be holding a sign for "Architecture Walks Singapore".

More Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Do I need to know art or architecture?
    You don't need any background in art or architecture to join. The walk is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about street art, heritage, conservation and how Singapore is evolving.
  • What do you mean by an 'interactive' walk?
    The walk is designed as a dialogue instead of only the walk leader talking. People who joined past walks gain most when they engage with questions and answers.
  • Are the walks aimed at tourists?
    Not at all, the walks are designed for the general public, including residents. I hope that even people who live, work or play in the neighbourhood can join the walk and discover something new.
  • Why Kampong Glam?
    Kampong Glam houses diversity from skyscrapers to shophouses, from religious buildings to cutting edge street art. There's so much to see and talk about within two hours of exploring.
  • How often do these walks happen?
    Outside of Archifest, walks similar (but not identical) to this take place about once every two weeks. Archifest itself takes place once a year, and you should definitely visit the Archifest pavilion.
  • How physically demanding is the walk?
    The walk runs for approximately 2 hours, from 10am to 12noon. Most of the time is spent walking or standing. The route is generally flat, wide and straight, but walkways near shophouses at certain parts may be narrow or obstructed by merchandise or furniture. Part of the walk is near busy main roads, but most of it is held within quieter streets. The route is unfortunately not fully accessible for wheelchairs or prams. Older children are welcome.
  • Does the walk end where you start?
    The walk ends at a different point from the start, but it is an easy 25-minute walk back to Bugis MRT.
  • More questions?
    Please contact me via the button at the bottom right side of this page.
Sat Sep 27, 2014
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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Bugis MRT
Ticket concourse
In front of Guardian
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SOLD OUT $12.00
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Bugis MRT Singapore
HOW TO FIND US? Meet in front of the Guardian store within Bugis MRT. I'll be holding a sign for "Architecture Walks Singapore".
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